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In Granville, near Columbus, Ohio, Sarah Henderson is known for her stunning photography. She’s a certified member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPO) and a board member of the Professional Photographers of Ohio. Her work includes professional headshots, women’s portraits, senior pictures, and family portraits. Recognizing the importance of a digital presence, Sarah tasked me with redesigning her website to showcase her artistic quality.

The goal was to create a site that truly represents Sarah’s talent, especially in professional headshots and women’s portraits, and improves online visibility in Columbus, Ohio through SEO strategies. The design focuses on displaying her beautiful photography and is optimized for search engines.

The new Desired Focus Photography website perfectly reflects Sarah Henderson’s skills and ranks higher for searches like ‘professional headshots Columbus, Ohio’. Feedback has been very positive, highlighting the site’s ease of use and visual appeal.

This project was more than a redesign; it was about creating a space that showcases the art of photography. For Sarah, it’s a new way to present her work to a wider audience. For me, as a designer, it was a rewarding experience.

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